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Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn)

Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn) is a rare fruit which grows in the Himalayas and Siberia. The oil produced by the Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn) plant has been used to produce cosmetics and medicines for skin and hair for thousands of years. Obliphica has been used as a natural medicinal product for a broad range of health needs and It's magic healing properties are now used to repair damaged hair, restore natural beauty, and immediately rejuvenate tired, colored hair.

The extract of the sea buckthorn berry is used effectively for many varied objectives. Rich in natural Vitamin E and beta-carotenes, Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn) extract is one of the most effective natural anti-oxidants known. Anti-oxidants are important for the hair to help fight off the damage that is caused by everyday environmental pollutants. Its natural Vitamin C and moisturizing oils makes it a “refined oil” that brings phenomenal results - delaying the process of aging it protects hair and skin and prevents wrinkling. These characteristics make it the most effective treatment for all hair and skin types. Its anti-oxidant qualities help it to reduce the damage to hair and skin caused by exposure to sunlight and air pollution. Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn) is the most effective at restoring damaged hair immediately.

Obliphica (Sea buckthorn) is considered a super fruit due to its 190+ natural bio-active compounds. It is one of the best sources of vitamins and phytonutrients in the world! The nutrient content and the antioxidant qualities are extremely high and include:

Vitamin C (15 times greater concentration than an orange) Vitamin A (Carotenoids: Alpha & Beta carotine) Vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B6) Vitamin E (Tocopherols) Vitamin K Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid (naturally balanced 1:1) Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acid (naturally balanced 1:1) Omega 9 Essential Fatty Acid Omega 7 Essential Fatty Acid (vital to collagen production for healthy skin and hair) B-sitosterol Polyphenolic Acids 42 Lipids Macro & Micro Trace Elements (11 out of 14 including calcium iron, manganese, boron and silicon) Flavonoids Folic Acid

Obliphica products use at least 80% organic ingredients!

Intensive Treatment Hair Mask

For damaged, colored or unmanageable hair. The advanced formula of the Intensive Treatment Mask delivers nutrients (including vitamins ABC and E, Omega fatty acids 3679) needed to repair damaged colored or unmanageable hair. The creamy texture of the mask penetrates the hair structure enveloping it in intense softness replenishing strength as well as protecting it from further chemical or environmental damage. Made from unique natural ingredients including Obliphica (Sea Buck thorn) extract, the Intensive Treatment Mask transforms the hair texture while adding manageability, movement, and luminous shine.